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Saturday, January 13, 2018

Photo Speaks....

In the picture, an Electron rocket stands on its New-Zealand pad prior to launch later this month, January 2018. 

Key Facts: 
1. The Electron launch system is the FIRST battery-powered rocket. 
2. Electron is a small orbital launch vehicle, designed to transform the global space industry with affordable, high-frequency launches of small satellites. 

3. It is powered with an electric Rutherford engine. Unlike traditional propulsion cycles based on complex and expensive gas generators, the 4,600 lbf Rutherford adopts an entirely new electric propulsion cycle, making use of high-performance brushless DC electric motors and lithium polymer batteries to drive its turbopumps. 
4. Electron is a two-stage orbital launch vehicle developed by New Zealand aerospace company Rocket Lab to cover the commercial small satellite launch segment
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