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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

The outlook is extremely bright ...President Xi Jinping declares

President Xi Jinping has opened another Communist Party congress, this time as the nation’s most powerful leader in decades, all but certain to receive a second 5-year term.  
President Xi walks up the podium to deliver his remarks in the Great Hall of the People

“Currently, conditions domestically and abroad are undergoing deep and complicated changes. Our country is in an important period of strategic opportunity in its development. The outlook is extremely bright; the challenges are also extremely grim.”

Xi said the progress China had made under his watch was "truly remarkable," but more needed to be done as the country moves towards a goal of "national rejuvenation". Standing at a podium before 3,000 delegates, he said China's "international standing has risen as never before."

Domestically, Xi detailed China's economic accomplishments including lifting 60 million people out of poverty, improving living standards, education, enhancing law, order and national security. He said the crackdown on corruption that's been a hallmark of his leadership had swept through all levels of the party.
"No place has been out of bounds and no grounds left unturned. No tolerance has been shown in the fight against corruption. We have taken firm action to take out tigers, swatted flies, and hunted down foxes."

With the world "in the midst of complex changes," President Xi posits that he country has become a "torch bearer" for ecological and environmental issues.

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