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Friday, September 8, 2017

Nigeria ICT Revolution ...Nearly ALL Public services will run on digital platforms by 2018

At least 80% of all our public services will be provided through digital platforms by 2018, the Federal Government has said. The Minister of Communications Abduraheem Adebayo Shittu has revealed. 

The FG has reached an advance stage for the establishment of a befitting ICT Park and Exhibition center in Abuja, according to Shittu. “This is to develop Nigeria’s ICT sector towards achieving a Smart Digital Nigeria”, he added. The minister said the government had expanded the 1-gov.net platform which consolidates existing government ICT infrastructure into a common platform.

1-gov.net, he said, enables MDAs to exchange data in a seamless manner while allowing each other to remain independent and maintain its privacy and the security of its operatives.

“Efforts are on to expand the number of Data Centres and Government is about to commission its tier three certified Data Centre, the highest certification for any Data Centre, in Abuja”, he said. Using the 1-gov.net Platform, the minister revealed that government has been able to save 30% of what it would have expended on a unit per unit cost.

He said currently 90% of all MDAs within Abuja had been linked with fiber backbone and 3,500 locations of different MDAs had been touched across the country. Over 270 MDAs websites and applications are being hosted on the network, he said.

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