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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

#aksuConvocation2017: MORE Pictures of the Convocation Lecture

Professor Akaneren I. Essien
Akwa Ibom State University (AKSU) on Tuesday, the 16th day of May 2017 held her 2nd and 3rd combined Convocation Lecture. The lecture was delivered by no-less a person than the highly esteemed Professor Akaneren Idem Essien. He spoke on the topic “Towards Excellence in University Management in Nigeria”

In addition to the several pictures already published, aksu360 presents  more pictures of that inspiring exercise:

Prof. Ottong gives the Opening prayers

The Vice-Chancellor gives his Welcome remarks

(R-L) Prof. Comfort Ekpo, Prof. Vincent Nyoyoko, Prof. Esio Oboho, Prof. Eno Ibanga during the Convocation Lecture

A cross-section of members of the University Senate

Professor Akaneren

A cross-section of members of the Congregation. Standing in pink flank jackets are University staff from Mass Communication department

Professor Akaneren Essien makes a book presentation to Prof. Eno Ibanga

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