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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Can an electronic devise be switched on/off via a Bluetooth devise? This article is a Must READ!

Graduating Computer Science students of Akwa Ibom State University in a photo session with some lecturers
Twenty-six (26) students of the department of Computer Science in Akwa Ibom State University were on Thursday (26/01/2017) subjected to the pressure of an external Project defence. As often is the case, a Professor from another University was invited to ascertain that the work meets the required standard in their field of study. Prof. Olumide Babatope Longe from Caleb University, Imota, Lagos State was invited to take up this enormous responsibility.

The project defence put up by Mr. Effiong Fortune Idorenyin with matric nos AK13/NAS/CSC/012 made one of the greatest impact during the exercise and Prof. Longe was intrigued by Mr. Effiong.
Prof. Olumide Babatope Longe
Mr. Effiong Fortune’s work was on the topic “Bluetooth-Based Remote Control System for Electrical Appliances”. He had developed a Bluetooth controlled electric bulb/fan. Through his research, he had developed a program, installed in a mobile phone that could help power on an electric fan or bulb. After explaining his case in detail, he relocated to the end of the lab, and with his mobile device that looked like an android phone, he demonstrated his project. With just a click, the bulb came on. And with another click, it was off. He did same for the electric fan. He also regulated the fan with mere clicks form his mobile phone. He had thrilled the audience. Unfortunately, he told us that the only limitation of his device was distance.

He said the device could only function within a ten meter radius. After his presentation, Prof. Longe was so fascinated that he doled out benefits on Fortune. Some of which are:
- Prof. Longe invited him to present the same work at the International Conference of Computing, coming up at Lagos between April/May this year.
- He promised Fortune a free to and fro airline ticket
- He promised Fortune free accommodation and feeding. 
- At the end, Prof. Longe stated that he was so encouraged by the quality of works he saw. To that end, he promised a free publication of any paper that came out of these works. Again, he promised to give a 67% discount to any member of staff form the department of Computer Science, Akwa Ibom State University that is interested in attending the International Conference.
-  He also donated proceedings of conferences, journals, and fliers to the department.
- Finally, he thanked the Vice-Chancellor Prof. Eno J. Ibanga and members of council, for granting him the opportunity of experiencing great innovations in this part of the country.

A group photograph showing IT-whiz-kid Mr. Effiong Fortune (circled in red)
Prof. Olumide Longe charged the director of ICT (Dr. Etebong Isong) who doubled as a lecturer in the department, to see a way of incorporating some of the research works that used the school as a case study at the ICT department. He emphasized that this will greatly improve the visibility, standard and overall acceptability of the school.

Congratulations to the Graduating students of Computer Science department and indeed Akwa Ibom State University. Well done and keep the flag flying!

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