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Monday, January 30, 2017

Sights and Sounds of AKSU Phinnx workshop

On Thursday (26/01/2017) and Friday (27/01/2017), the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) facilitated a Train-the-Trainers Phinnx workshop in Akwa Ibom State University. The workshop brought together Heads and Academic staff of various departments in the faculty of Natural and Applied Science, Engineering as well as the faculty of Education. 

Phinnx is an analytic system that is designed to provide valuable insight on use of graphs, device metrics, traffic data, performance assessments, anti-plagiarism services, research contact recommendations, and other valuable academic data to platform subscribers. Phinnx is a super-fast and resilient software system that is engineered for extreme reliability, predictable performance and high availability.

The two (2) day event had two structured sessions for each day and the workshop touched on topics such as online collaborations, online courses, assignments, eLectures and online courseware. One of the most remarkable highlights of the workshop was opening the minds of the participants to the fact that LIVE lectures can take place simultaneously across various locations on a real time basis, such that Lecturer-Lectures, Lecturer-Students can learn and interact instantly without the distance barrier, even if they are miles apart. Assignments can be given, with definite timeline for submission; feedback can also be given and obtained in the go, from the parties involved. It also has an anti-plagiarism feature that can flag when two(2) students are submitting assignment that has apparently been plagiarized – thereby encouraging content originality.

Phinnx generally works like a social network, but the major difference being that it is structured with a biase for the Academic community. It is a platform that in the next five (5) years, will overtake the Nigerian academic community, redefining the mode of study and learning. Akwa Ibom State University is privileged to be one of the first Universities in Nigeria to have access to this piece of learning technology and we are grateful to the Management of Akwa Ibom State University for her foresight.

Presently about thirty (30) Universities and higher institutions in Nigeria have signed on to Phinnx elearning platform.

More pictures of the event when you continue…

To learn more , please visit phinnx.com or visit the ICT unit of the University to sign-up.

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