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Friday, January 20, 2017

In the next few hours today, OUT Obama - IN Trump

Donald Trump will officially be sworn in as the 45th president of the United States today Friday (20/01/2017) – and the president-elect predicts via a tweet that the event will be "even bigger than expected." Thousands of police officers who havee arrived from around the country are getting their assignments from Washington DC police. Dump trucks and buses are being readied as makeshift barriers. Roads around the Capitol are slowly being closed off. 

Law enforcement officials in the nation’s capital are finishing final preparations for an estimated 1 million people expected in Washington, D.C. this weekend for the presidential inauguration of Donald Trump and a series of planned anti-Trump marches and protests around the nation’s capital.

Officials are expecting 700,000 to 900,000 people at Trump’s inauguration on Friday, along with 99 groups on Friday and Saturday that plan to either protest or gather in support of the incoming president, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said earlier this week. The sheer number of gatherings presents a unique challenge for law enforcement officials tasked with keeping this year’s inaugural events safe, especially in light of terrorist attacks in Europe over the past year involving trucks used as weapons. “We’ve got to be vigilant, we’ve got to plan, we’ve got to prepare,” Johnson said.

Roughly 28,000 law enforcement officers will be on hand for the inauguration and the Women’s March on Washington planned for Saturday. The event’s organizers have said publicly they expect 200,000 marchers, but a Washington, D.C., homeland security official have said that authorities are planning for 400,000 to 500,000.

For some departments, planning has been underway for months. Peter Newsham, the interim chief of Washington, D.C.’s Metropolitan Police Department, says his agency began preparing more than a year ago and started coordinating several months ago with federal departments that have their own jurisdictions throughout the city on Inauguration Day.

Security officials have begun preparing large trucks and buses to form a security barrier around the inaugural events. They’re a possible preventive measure against an attack by someone driving a vehicle, similar to one last year in Berlin. Nearby hospitals, meanwhile, have been notified in the event of possible injuries related to the inauguration, according to the Times.

The overall security plan for President Obama and President-elect Trump is controlled by the U.S. Secret Service, while the Capitol’s grounds where the inauguration and swearing-in ceremonies are held are policed by U.S. Capitol Police. The sidewalks and parks surrounding the parade route along Pennsylvania Avenue will be patrolled by U.S. Park Police, while the street itself will be under the jurisdiction of the D.C. police. Security costs are estimated to reach $100 million.

Officials expect about half as many people this year compared to President Obama’s inauguration in 2009, which drew an estimated 1.8 million. The main challenge this year will be securing the nation’s capital for two straight days as hundreds of thousands of protesters descend on Washington to protest the new president in what could be the largest inaugural protests since the 1970s and the Vietnam War era.

The swearing-in proper kicks off 6pm Nigerian time (GMT+1)

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