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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Akwa Ibom State University Students Union Election result

On Friday, the 27th of January 2016, students of Akwa Ibom State University trooped out to elect their Student Union leader and at the end of the day, the following leaders were elected:
Comr. Ikobong Ekette - AKSU Student Union President-elect

Comr Nsongura Xavier - AKSU SUG Vice President-elect
Comr. Ukeme Jacob  - AKSU SUG Secretary General
Comr. Peace Jonathan - AKSU SUG Assistant Secretary General
Comr  Uku-Ubong David - AKSU SUG Director of Socials elect

Others who emerged winners in the elections were, Comr. Udoh Silas (Director of Transport), Comr. Utibe Jimmy (Financial Secretary) and Comr. Ekereobong P. Udoiko (Director of Sports).

A snap-shot of the elections further reveals the following voting pattern:
1. IKOBONG EKETTE - 159+304 = 463 VOTES
2. UBONG WILLIAMS - 143+291 = 434 VOTES
3. MICHAEL AKPAN. - 169+161 = 330 VOTES
4. JOSEPH ESU - 72+ 7 = 79 VOTES

Vice President:
1. Ekerette 166+288 =454
2. Nsungurua 332+454 = 786

Secretary General:
1. Godwin Esu : 162+ 224= 386
2. Ukeme Jacob: 343 + 515 = 858

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