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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Vote 4me ...the Fish Factory (My 60 seconds business pitch for Diamondbank BET6)

Hi, my name is Joy Ennang, the co- founder of The PC Factory. We are an IT Hardware, Software and agricultural service provider in Nigeria. And The brand owners of 042direct.com, Africa's Most Powerful News, Photo and Video Messaging Environment. We need extra funds to expand our fish farm by introducing a new specie of fish, the croaker fish and marketing them nationwide alongside our catfish and also train people anywhere using our inbuilt realtime communication technology on 042direct.com, expanding our fish business, growing sales in hatching fingerlings and adult fish and creating a market for people we train and other users of our web and mobile application.

Allowing us to breed, hatch, package and market professionally - our fish stock locally and nationally. Also provide a place where buyers and sellers of our fish product and other merchants of agricultural products can get buyers for their products and sell anytime, anywhere and on any device and also receive hands-on training in the fish business.

Click the link below to watch 59 seconds video clip.

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