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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Hell breaks lose as Petrol Tanker crashes and burns 6 to death (photos) ...viewer discretion advised

Six (6) people were killed, with some of them burnt beyond recognition, after a petrol tanker driver lost control and rammed into a stationed tricycle with its driver and passengers in it, at Calabar Itu expressway at Obong junction Akwa Ibom at about 8.30pm on Tuesday. The tricycle popularly known as Keke Napep, went up in flames, burning all the occupants. 

An eyewitness report has it that the driver of the truck was on very high speed before the incident happened. He was said to have even refused to stop at the police check point that was located about 1km before the accident happened. It was also reported one of tanker tyres busted and that resulted in the driver losing control of the vehicle. It thereafter veered off the main road and busted into flames the moment it got into the gutter. 

The driver of the tanker had initially tried to put-off the fire using his fire extinguisher before the fire became uncontrollable, igniting fire in all nearby parked vehicles along with it.

See more graphic photos after the jump..... *Viewers discretion advised*

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