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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Ember months road traffic nuggets

The Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) have itemized 27 road traffic offences drivers plying Nigerian roads should avoid. As the year moves deep into the ember months, road accidents are more paramount and safety is key.

To stay safe while driving, it is pertinent to note the following bad driving habit and are termed as Traffic offences, if caught, one is liable to persecution, fine or both:

1. Drive a vehicle with projected load
2. Obstruct a FRSC marshal in the performance of his duty
3. Drive a vehicle with damaged or shattered windscreen
4. Drive a vehicle with worn tyres or without spare tyre
5. Drive a vehicle that is mechanically deficient
6. Drive a vehicle without fire extinguisher
7. Assault a marshal on duty
8. Corrupt a marshal on duty
9. Fail to report at designated place by a traffic offender
10. Drive a vehicle that emits excessive smoke
11. Drive a commercial vehicle without a passenger manifest
12. Use your GSM phone while driving
13. Driver under 18 years of age

14. Ply the road by commercial drivers and conductors without badges
15. Ply the road without side and inner rear mirrors
16. Smoke or eat while driving
17. Drive a double-decker bus in Nigeria
18. Fail to use your headlight s during inclement weather
19. Fail to signal when changing lanes, making a turn or pulling in front of another vehicle
20. Fail to properly secure under-aged children in an approved school safety seat or booster seat
21. Travel in a bed of a pick-up truck by any person
22. Fail to use belts while driving
23. Fail to pay any prescribed fine or other fees under the law
24. Provide incorrect address under the law
25. Reject accident victims by hospital medical personnel
26. Ride a motorcycle without a crash helmet properly strapped to the head and fastened under the chin
27. Driving with one hand

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