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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

aksu360 blog 100 days anniversary ...recharge cards worth several thousands to be given out.


aksu360 blog came into the internet space (with a bang of course) on Friday 10/06/2016 by 6:20pm. It was a vision borne out of several reasons, prominent among which to increase the social media presence of Akwa Ibom State University and to occupy a prominent place of advantage whereby we can be able to generate and drive social media discourse in the cyber ecosystem.

The immediate impact of aksu360 blog have been complimented by the other social media channels of the University viz-a-viz Twitter, Facebook and Google+ and the impact have been multi-faceted.
(a) Over the last 100 days,  visitors from six (6) distinct continents, nineteen (19) countries - 43,000 people in particular, have had one reason or the other to visit/engage with  aksu360 blog
(b) Internet conmen/artist, imposters and the like have to a large extent been driven out of business. These are people, who sat in various corners of the internet and pretended to act/speak and convey information (most times false) unbehalf of the Akwa Ibom State University. The emergence of a robust social media presence of Akwa Ibom State University has effectively put them under check and suddenly, they have become irrelevant. Members of the public now know where to turn-to for reliable, up to date information about Akwa Ibom State University – with the click of the button.

A case study is found below:  
A Facebook page falsely operating in the name of Akwa Ibom State University
- Note that the operators of the fake page above have no physical address that can be traced anywhere, neither are they staff nor authorised personnel of Akwa Ibom State University.

(c) The sphere of social media influence of Akwa Ibom State University has in the period under review, grown in multiple proportions. A close look at all our media channels confirms this, and in the coming days, months and years – it can only get better as this is just the beginning.

Aksu360 blog Anniversary give-away
Describe an experience or make a statement in a maximum of 5 sentences, such that your submission ends with the phrase ‘Akwa Ibom State University is working’.

The best twenty (20) submissions will be chosen and recharge cards (worth 20k) will be shared among all the winners.

The competition at this point is limited to present/current students of Akwa Ibom State University only. The competition will run for three (3) days from 27/09/2016 and winners will be announced (online) by 2pm on Friday 30/09/2016.

Submissions should be made in the comment section of this post. Kindly note that the decision of the Judge is final. 

Good luck everyone!

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  1. Please recheck the acclaimed date that aksu360 blog came into existence. It could not have been in the year 2019 that is still in the future.#I love aksu.