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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

On This Day in History - August 10

August 10, 1911 --- The House of Lords in Great Britain gives up its veto power, making the House of Commons the more powerful House.

August 10, 1960 --- NASA launches Discoverer 13 satellite; it would become the first object ever recovered from orbit.

Discoverer 13 was an earth-orbiting satellite designed to test spacecraft engineering techniques and to attempt deceleration, reentry through the atmosphere, and recovery from the sea of an instrument package. It represented the first-ever successful recovery of an object from orbit. 

The cylindrical Agena A stage that was placed in orbit carried a telemetry system, a tape recorder, receivers for command signals from the ground, a horizon scanner, and a 120-lb recovery capsule that contained an American flag. The capsule was a bowl-shaped configuration 22 in. in diameter and 27 in. deep. A conical afterbody increased the total length to about 40 in. A Thiokol retrorocket, mounted at the end of the afterbody, decelerated the capsule out of orbit. A 40-lb monitoring system in the capsule reported on selected events, such as firing of the retrorocket, jettisoning of the heat shield, and others.

August 10, 2006 --- Authorities in Great Britain announced that they had arrested several people in connection with a plot to attack airplanes with liquid explosives. The attackers planned to disguise the explosives as ordinary liquids and smuggle them aboard. For this reason, authorities in both the United States and Great Britain warned all passengers that liquids would not be allowed in carry-on luggage until the crisis passed. The ban on liquids included hair spray, shampoo and beverages (items people travel with all the time). All toiletries were consequently banned from commercial airplanes. After a few weeks, the toiletries ban was modified.

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