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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Massive job opportunities ...28 openings

The Government of Akwa Ibom State in her determined effort to rapidly industrialize our State, and create employment opportunities as part of our poverty reduction policy, announces vacancies to fill positions in the Metering Company located in Onna Local Government Area, which will soon go into operations.

While these positions are open to all qualified candidates, preference will be given to candidates of Akwa Ibom State extraction. All applications should be sent to: Bureau of Technical Matters and Due Process, Plot 7 G-Line, Ewet Housing Estate, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State. Tel: 09025704438. All applications must reach the above address within two weeks of this publication.

The vacancies include:
(1) Project Director
(2) Test Engineer
(3) Assistant Test Engineer
(4) Production Engineering
(5) Quality Inspection Engineer
(6) Assistant Quality Inspection Engineer
(7) Assistant Processing Engineer
(8) Sales Engineer
(9) General /Management Assistant
(10) Operator –MISC and Utilities
(11) Operator Electrician
(12) Janitorial service staff
(13) Security services staff
(14) Material storage and Handling staff
(15) Warehouse administrator
(16) Meter 1 and 3 Initial Assembly, General Assembly, Testing and Rework
(17) Meter Box Manufacturing Engineer
(18) Mould fitters
(19) Meter Box Assembly Engineer, etc
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